Product Datasheets

DIN Square Instruments
Moving Iron MetersMoving Iron MetersDatasheet
Moving Coil MetersMoving Coil MetersDatasheet
Rectified Moving Coil MetersRectified Moving Coil MetersDatasheet
Frequency MetersFrequency MetersDatasheet
Wattmeters & VarmetersWattmeters & VarmetersDatasheet
Power Factor MetersPower Factor MetersDatasheet
Maximum Demand MetersMaximum Demand MetersDatasheet
Hours Run Meters (Electromechanical)Hours Run Meters (Electromechanical)Datasheet
Hours Run Meters (LCD)Hours Run Meters (LCD)Datasheet
Energy Meters (kWh Meters)Energy Meters (kWh Meters)Datasheet
Meter OptionsMeter OptionsDatasheet
Phase Sequence IndicatorsPhase Sequence IndicatorsDatasheet
AcuCT mV Hinged CT Series
333mV Compact Hinged Current Transformers333mV Compact Hinged Current TransformersDatasheet
Rogowski mA Integrator Kit
Rogowski mA Integrator KitRogowski mA Integrator KitDatasheetUser Manual
Rogowski Coil Current Sensors
Rogowski Coil Current SensorsRogowski Coil Current SensorsDatasheet
WPMZ Series Graphical Panel Meter
WPMZ Series Graphical Panel MeterWPMZ Series Graphical Panel MeterDatasheet
Hall Effect DC Current Sensors
HAK Split Core Hall Effect DC Current SensorsHAK Split Core Hall Effect DC Current SensorsDatasheet
HAB Split Core Hall Effect DC Current SensorsHAB Split Core Hall Effect DC Current SensorsDatasheet
AcuRev 2100 Series
Multi-Circuit Power and kWh MeterMulti-Circuit Power and kWh MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Programmable Preset Counter
7922 / 7932 Programmable Preset Counter7922 / 7932 Programmable Preset CounterDatasheetUser Manual
APM Advanced Panel Meters
Frequency MeterFrequency MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Rate MeterRate MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Process MeterProcess MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Amp MeterAmp MeterDatasheetUser Manual
CT MeterCT MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Micro MeterMicro MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Shunt MeterShunt MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature MeterTemperature MeterDatasheetUser Manual
Volt MeterVolt MeterDatasheetUser Manual
M1 & M2 Meters
M1 MeterM1 MeterDatasheetUser Manual
M2 MeterM2 MeterDatasheetUser Manual
MAX Meter
MAX Meter M21MAX Meter M21DatasheetUser Manual
MAX Meter M23MAX Meter M23DatasheetUser Manual
Power Meter
Power MeterPower MeterDatasheetUser Manual
High Voltage AC & DC Electronic Timers
7511/7511HV High Voltage AC & DC Electronic Timers7511/7511HV High Voltage AC & DC Electronic TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Electromechanical Hours Run Meters
722 Series AC Hour Meters722 Series AC Hour MetersDatasheetUser Manual
732 Series DC Hour Meters732 Series DC Hour MetersDatasheetUser Manual
AC & DC Totalizing Counters
3400 Series AC & DC Totalizing Counters3400 Series AC & DC Totalizing CountersDatasheetUser Manual
3410 Series AC & DC Electronic Timers3410 Series AC & DC Electronic TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Multifunction Digital Time Relay
795X Series Timers795X Series TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Panel Meters
DPM951 and DPM952 Digital Panel MetersDPM951 and DPM952 Digital Panel MetersDatasheetUser Manual
iJW Refrigeration Controllers
iJW Refrigeration ControllersiJW Refrigeration ControllersDatasheet
Digital Metering
DC Ammeters & VoltmetersDC Ammeters & VoltmetersDatasheetUser Manual
AC Ammeters, Voltmeters & Frequency MetersAC Ammeters, Voltmeters & Frequency MetersDatasheetUser Manual
Wattmeters & VarmetersWattmeters & VarmetersDatasheet
Power Factor MetersPower Factor MetersDatasheet
Digital Trip UnitDigital Trip UnitDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Advanced Panel MetersDigital Advanced Panel MetersDatasheetUser Manual
4.5 Digit DC Ammeters & Voltmeters4.5 Digit DC Ammeters & VoltmetersDatasheetUser Manual
Energy Monitoring
EL96GT DIN Square kWh MetersEL96GT DIN Square kWh MetersDatasheet
DIN Rail Mounting kWh MetersDIN Rail Mounting kWh MetersDatasheet
100A Direct kWh Meters100A Direct kWh MetersDatasheet
EM DIN Square LCD kWh MetersEM DIN Square LCD kWh MetersDatasheetUser Manual
Multifunction Monitoring
Acuvim Multifunction MonitorAcuvim Multifunction MonitorDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterAcuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
AcuDC 240 SeriesAcuDC 240 SeriesDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
Current Transformers
Ring Type Current TransfomersRing Type Current TransfomersDatasheet
Busbar Type Current TransformersBusbar Type Current TransformersDatasheet
DP Split Core Current TransformersDP Split Core Current TransformersDatasheet
DC Shunts
DC ShuntsDC ShuntsDatasheet
Electrical Transducers
AC Current TransducersAC Current TransducersDatasheet
AC Voltage TransducersAC Voltage TransducersDatasheet
Power (Watts & Vars) TransducersPower (Watts & Vars) TransducersDatasheet
Energy (kWh) TransducersEnergy (kWh) TransducersDatasheet
Phase Angle TransducersPhase Angle TransducersDatasheet
Power Factor TransducersPower Factor TransducersDatasheet
Frequency TransducersFrequency TransducersDatasheet
DC Current & Voltage TransducersDC Current & Voltage TransducersDatasheet
Transducer Trip Relays
Transducer Trip RelayTransducer Trip RelayDatasheet
Analogue Signal Conditioners
Analogue Signal ConditionersAnalogue Signal ConditionersDatasheet
Electronic Protection Relays
Phase Protection RelaysPhase Protection RelaysDatasheet
Phase Balance Protection RelaysPhase Balance Protection RelaysDatasheet
AC Voltage Protection RelaysAC Voltage Protection RelaysDatasheet
AC Current Protection RelaysAC Current Protection RelaysDatasheet
Frequency Protection RelaysFrequency Protection RelaysDatasheet
3 Phase Current Balance Protection Relays3 Phase Current Balance Protection RelaysDatasheet
DC Voltage or Current Protection RelaysDC Voltage or Current Protection RelaysDatasheet
Reverse Power Protection RelaysReverse Power Protection RelaysDatasheet
Earth Leakage Relays
Earth Leakage Relays & Core Balance TransformersEarth Leakage Relays & Core Balance TransformersDatasheetUser Manual
Electronic Timers
TM977 TimersTM977 TimersDatasheet
TB822 TimersTB822 TimersDatasheet
Maintenance Interval Monitors
MiniMinder Maintenance Interval Monitor with USB OutputMiniMinder Maintenance Interval Monitor with USB OutputDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - DIN Rail MountingLCD Digital Timeswitch - DIN Rail MountingDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - Panel MountingLCD Digital Timeswitch - Panel MountingDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - 2 ChannelLCD Digital Timeswitch - 2 ChannelDatasheetUser Manual
24 Hour Quartz Analogue Timeswitches24 Hour Quartz Analogue TimeswitchesDatasheetUser Manual
Selector Switches
Voltmeter & Ammeter Selector SwitchesVoltmeter & Ammeter Selector SwitchesDatasheet
Schrack Plug-in Relays
MT Series RelaysMT Series RelaysDatasheet
PT Series RelaysPT Series RelaysDatasheet
RT Series RelaysRT Series RelaysDatasheet
SNR RelaysSNR RelaysDatasheet
Small Mini-Disbar
Small Mini-DisbarSmall Mini-DisbarDatasheet
Acuvim Multifunction Monitor
Acuvim Multifunction MonitorAcuvim Multifunction MonitorDatasheetUser Manual
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power Meter
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterAcuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
AcuDC 240 Series
AcuDC 240 SeriesAcuDC 240 SeriesDatasheetUser Manual
AcuRev 1310 Series
DIN Rail Power and Energy MeterDIN Rail Power and Energy MeterDatasheetUser Manual
EV300 Series
Multifunction Power And Energy MeterMultifunction Power And Energy MeterDatasheetUser Manual
AcuRev 2000 Series
Multi-Circuit Power and kWh MeterMulti-Circuit Power and kWh MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
AcuCT mV Split CT Series
333mV Split Core Current Transformers333mV Split Core Current TransformersDatasheet
Rogowski Integrator Kit
Rogowski Coil Integrator KitRogowski Coil Integrator KitDatasheetUser Manual
Electromechanical Cam Timers
Electromechanical Cam TimersElectromechanical Cam TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Analogue Timers
F-Series TimersF-Series TimersDatasheet
2B, 2T & 3T-Series Timers2B, 2T & 3T-Series TimersDatasheet
MT4L Miniature TimersMT4L Miniature TimersDatasheet
Encapsulated TimersEncapsulated TimersDatasheet
TT4800 Multi-range TimersTT4800 Multi-range TimersDatasheet
MINITIMER2-MCU Quad Range TimerMINITIMER2-MCU Quad Range TimerDatasheet
Digital Timers
TT33 Digital Multifunction Dual TimersTT33 Digital Multifunction Dual TimersDatasheet
TFDRMU Multifunction Digital TimersTFDRMU Multifunction Digital TimersDatasheet
TF48 Dual Digital TimersTF48 Dual Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
UDT Universal Digital TimersUDT Universal Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
UMT500 Multiple Digital TimersUMT500 Multiple Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
CT500 Digital Counter TimersCT500 Digital Counter TimersDatasheet
Analogue Controllers
TC4800 Temperature ControllersTC4800 Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
F-Series Temperature ControllersF-Series Temperature ControllersDatasheet
Autonics TOS Temperature ControllersAutonics TOS Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
MINITHERM6-MCU Quad Range Temperature ControllersMINITHERM6-MCU Quad Range Temperature ControllersDatasheet
Tachometer Relays
TR4800 Tachometer RelaysTR4800 Tachometer RelaysDatasheet
FSST Tachometer RelaysFSST Tachometer RelaysDatasheet
Shaft Rotation Sensors
FSRST Shaft Rotation SensorsFSRST Shaft Rotation SensorsDatasheet
Digital Controllers
DTC410 Temperature ControllersDTC410 Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
PID500 PID Temperature ControllersPID500 PID Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
PID330 PID Temperature ControllersPID330 PID Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
ELK38 Universal Electronic ControllersELK38 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature Transmitters
TEM18T Smart Signal ConditionersTEM18T Smart Signal ConditionersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM203 Temperature TransmittersTEM203 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM213 Temperature TransmittersTEM213 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM1603 Temperature TransmittersTEM1603 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature Sensors
Temperature ProbesTemperature ProbesDatasheet
Liquid Level Sensors
Selex Liquid Level SensorsSelex Liquid Level SensorsDatasheet
Isolex8 Liquid Level SensorsIsolex8 Liquid Level SensorsDatasheet
FLDT Liquid Level DetectorsFLDT Liquid Level DetectorsDatasheet
Proximity Sensors
Proxwitch Capacitive SensorsProxwitch Capacitive SensorsDatasheet
Magnetic Proximity SwitchesMagnetic Proximity SwitchesDatasheet
Power Supply TransformersPower Supply TransformersDatasheet
Output Conversion ModulesOutput Conversion ModulesDatasheet
Programmable Count ControllersProgrammable Count ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
High Sensitivity CMOS RelaysHigh Sensitivity CMOS RelaysDatasheet
Mounting & Wiring SocketsMounting & Wiring SocketsDatasheet
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Control Solutions
IR33 Universal Electronic ControllersIR33 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
DN33 Universal Electronic ControllersDN33 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy Series
PJ Easy On/Off Temperature ControllersPJ Easy On/Off Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy Cool & Easy Freeze ControllersEasy Cool & Easy Freeze ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy XL Refrigeration ControllersEasy XL Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33 & IR33+ Refrigeration Controllers
IR33 Refrigeration ControllersIR33 Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33 Smart Refrigeration ControllersIR33 Smart Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33+ Refrigeration ControllersIR33+ Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Powercompact Refrigeration ControllersPowercompact Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Temperature & Humidity SensorsTemperature & Humidity SensorsDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature ProbesTemperature ProbesDatasheet
Coldroom Controllers
Mastercella Cold Room ControllerMastercella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
UltraCella Cold Room ControllerUltraCella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
SmartCella Cold Room ControllerSmartCella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Coldwatch Trapped Personnel AlarmColdwatch Trapped Personnel AlarmDatasheetUser Manual
M Series 1/16 DIN Controllers
M1 ControllerM1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M3 ControllerM3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M4 ControllerM4 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M5 Process Controller Setpoint ProgrammerM5 Process Controller Setpoint ProgrammerDatasheetUser Manual
X Series 1/8 DIN Controllers
X1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerX1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
X3 Double Action ControllerX3 Double Action ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
X5 Process ControllerX5 Process ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q Series 1/4 DIN Controllers
Q1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerQ1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q3 Double Action ControllerQ3 Double Action ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q5 Process ControllerQ5 Process ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR Series 78x35mm Controllers
KR1 ControllerKR1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR3 ControllerKR3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR5P ControllerKR5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM Series 1/16 DIN Controllers
KM1 ControllerKM1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM3 ControllerKM3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM5P ControllerKM5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX Series 1/8 DIN Controllers
KX1 ControllerKX1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX3 ControllerKX3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX5P ControllerKX5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature Transmitters
ATT1 Temperature TransmittersATT1 Temperature TransmittersDatasheet
Position Switches
Heavy Duty Position SwitchesHeavy Duty Position SwitchesDatasheet
Normal Duty Position SwitchesNormal Duty Position SwitchesDatasheet
Modular Prewired SwitchesModular Prewired SwitchesDatasheet
Human-Machine Interfaces
Foot SwitchesFoot SwitchesDatasheet
Double and Treble PushbuttonsDouble and Treble PushbuttonsDatasheet
Emergency PushbuttonsEmergency PushbuttonsDatasheet
Single Contact BlocksSingle Contact BlocksDatasheet
Double Contact BlocksDouble Contact BlocksDatasheet
LED HoldersLED HoldersDatasheet
Protected Contact BlocksProtected Contact BlocksDatasheet
USB & RJ45 SocketsUSB & RJ45 SocketsDatasheet
Safety Devices
Safety Switches with Separate ActuatorSafety Switches with Separate ActuatorDatasheet
Safety Magnetic SensorsSafety Magnetic SensorsDatasheet
Safety Sensors with RFID TechnologySafety Sensors with RFID TechnologyDatasheet
Hinge Operating Safety SwitchesHinge Operating Safety SwitchesDatasheet
Switches with Separate Actuators with LockSwitches with Separate Actuators with LockDatasheet
Safety Modules
For Emergency Stop and Gate MonitoringFor Emergency Stop and Gate MonitoringDatasheet
For Emergency Stop, Gate Monitoring, Safety Mats and EdgesFor Emergency Stop, Gate Monitoring, Safety Mats and EdgesDatasheet
Safety Timer Modules	Safety Timer Modules Datasheet
For Emergency Stop and Gate Monitoring with Delayed ContactsFor Emergency Stop and Gate Monitoring with Delayed ContactsDatasheet
Safety Modules for Bimanual Controls or Synchronism CheckSafety Modules for Bimanual Controls or Synchronism CheckDatasheet
Standstill Monitor Safety ModuleStandstill Monitor Safety ModuleDatasheet
Expansion Modules with Output ContactsExpansion Modules with Output ContactsDatasheet
Multifunction Safety ModulesMultifunction Safety ModulesDatasheet
A5000 Series Digital Meter
A5000 Series Digital MeterA5000 Series Digital MeterDatasheet
A6000 Series Digital Meter
A6000 Series Digital MeterA6000 Series Digital MeterDatasheet
A7000 Series Digital Meter
A7000 Series Digital MeterA7000 Series Digital MeterDatasheet
WPM Series Digital Meter
WPM Series Digital MeterWPM Series Digital MeterDatasheet
WSP Series Signal Isolator
WSP Series Signal IsolatorWSP Series Signal IsolatorDatasheet
WSP Series Signal Distributor
WSP Series Signal DistributorWSP Series Signal DistributorDatasheet
Inductive Proximity Sensors
Inductive Proximity SensorsInductive Proximity SensorsDatasheet
Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Capacitive Proximity SensorsCapacitive Proximity SensorsDatasheet
Photoelectric Proximity Sensors
Photoelectric Proximity SensorsPhotoelectric Proximity SensorsDatasheet
Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Magnetic Proximity SensorsMagnetic Proximity SensorsDatasheet