User Manuals

Digital Metering
4.5 Digit DC Ammeters & Voltmeters4.5 Digit DC Ammeters & VoltmetersDatasheetUser Manual
DC Ammeters & VoltmetersDC Ammeters & VoltmetersDatasheetUser Manual
AC Ammeters, Voltmeters & Frequency MetersAC Ammeters, Voltmeters & Frequency MetersDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Trip UnitDigital Trip UnitDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Advanced Panel MetersDigital Advanced Panel MetersDatasheetUser Manual
Energy Monitoring
EM DIN Square LCD kWh MetersEM DIN Square LCD kWh MetersDatasheetUser Manual
Multifunction Monitoring
Acuvim Multifunction MonitorAcuvim Multifunction MonitorDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterAcuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
AcuDC 240 SeriesAcuDC 240 SeriesDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
Earth Leakage Relays
Earth Leakage Relays & Core Balance TransformersEarth Leakage Relays & Core Balance TransformersDatasheetUser Manual
Maintenance Interval Monitors
MiniMinder Maintenance Interval Monitor with USB OutputMiniMinder Maintenance Interval Monitor with USB OutputDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - DIN Rail MountingLCD Digital Timeswitch - DIN Rail MountingDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - Panel MountingLCD Digital Timeswitch - Panel MountingDatasheetUser Manual
LCD Digital Timeswitch - 2 ChannelLCD Digital Timeswitch - 2 ChannelDatasheetUser Manual
24 Hour Quartz Analogue Timeswitches24 Hour Quartz Analogue TimeswitchesDatasheetUser Manual
Acuvim Multifunction Monitor
Acuvim Multifunction MonitorAcuvim Multifunction MonitorDatasheetUser Manual
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power Meter
Acuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterAcuvim-II Intelligent Power MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
AcuDC 240 Series
AcuDC 240 SeriesAcuDC 240 SeriesDatasheetUser Manual
AcuRev 1310 Series
DIN Rail Power and Energy MeterDIN Rail Power and Energy MeterDatasheetUser Manual
EV/DV300 Series
Multifunction Power And Energy MeterMultifunction Power And Energy MeterDatasheetUser Manual
AcuRev 2000 Series
Multi-Circuit Power and kWh MeterMulti-Circuit Power and kWh MeterDatasheetUser ManualSoftware
Electromechanical Cam Timers
Electromechanical Cam TimersElectromechanical Cam TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Timers
UDT Universal Digital TimersUDT Universal Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
TT32ML Dual Digital TimersTT32ML Dual Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
TTDR Dual Digital TimersTTDR Dual Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
TE48 Dual Digital TimersTE48 Dual Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
UMT500 Multiple Digital TimersUMT500 Multiple Digital TimersDatasheetUser Manual
Analogue Controllers
TC4800 Temperature ControllersTC4800 Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Autonics TOS Temperature ControllersAutonics TOS Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Digital Controllers
DTC410 Temperature ControllersDTC410 Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
PID500 PID Temperature ControllersPID500 PID Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
PID330 PID Temperature ControllersPID330 PID Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
ELK38 Universal Electronic ControllersELK38 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature Transmitters
TEM18T Smart Signal ConditionersTEM18T Smart Signal ConditionersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM203 Temperature TransmittersTEM203 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM213 Temperature TransmittersTEM213 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
TEM1603 Temperature TransmittersTEM1603 Temperature TransmittersDatasheetUser Manual
Programmable Count ControllersProgrammable Count ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Control Solutions
IR33 Universal Electronic ControllersIR33 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
DN33 Universal Electronic ControllersDN33 Universal Electronic ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy Series
PJ Easy On/Off Temperature ControllersPJ Easy On/Off Temperature ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy Cool & Easy Freeze ControllersEasy Cool & Easy Freeze ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Easy XL Refrigeration ControllersEasy XL Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33 & IR33+ Refrigeration Controllers
IR33 Refrigeration ControllersIR33 Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33 Smart Refrigeration ControllersIR33 Smart Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
IR33+ Refrigeration ControllersIR33+ Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Powercompact Refrigeration ControllersPowercompact Refrigeration ControllersDatasheetUser Manual
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Temperature & Humidity SensorsTemperature & Humidity SensorsDatasheetUser Manual
Coldroom Controllers
Mastercella Cold Room ControllerMastercella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
UltraCella Cold Room ControllerUltraCella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
SmartCella Cold Room ControllerSmartCella Cold Room ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Coldwatch Trapped Personnel AlarmColdwatch Trapped Personnel AlarmDatasheetUser Manual
M Series 1/16 DIN Controllers
M1 ControllerM1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M3 ControllerM3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M4 ControllerM4 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
M5 Process Controller Setpoint ProgrammerM5 Process Controller Setpoint ProgrammerDatasheetUser Manual
X Series 1/8 DIN Controllers
X1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerX1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
X3 Double Action ControllerX3 Double Action ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
X5 Process ControllerX5 Process ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q Series 1/4 DIN Controllers
Q1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerQ1 Heat/Cool Temperature ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q3 Double Action ControllerQ3 Double Action ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
Q5 Process ControllerQ5 Process ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR Series 78x35mm Controllers
KR1 ControllerKR1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR3 ControllerKR3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KR5P ControllerKR5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM Series 1/16 DIN Controllers
KM1 ControllerKM1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM3 ControllerKM3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KM5P ControllerKM5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX Series 1/8 DIN Controllers
KX1 ControllerKX1 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX3 ControllerKX3 ControllerDatasheetUser Manual
KX5P ControllerKX5P ControllerDatasheetUser Manual