Trumeter have been designing, manufacturing and distributing sophisticated control and measurement products since 1937. Their wide range of mechanical, electro-mechanical, and digital instruments are used by customers around the globe, and with operations in the UK, U.S. and Malaysia, serve more than 5,000 customers in more than 50 countries. Trumeter’s in-house design and development teams - coupled with its world-class manufacturing facilities - produce more than a million products a year and offer a wide range of standard and custom product development options that empower users through innovative solutions.


  • APM Advanced Panel Meters
    The APM meters are the most visible, easy to use, programmable panel meter on the market. The APM provides accurate measurement with an immediate visual indication of critical parameters and can be set up using the APM software. The backlight can be programmed to change colour to alert the operator when the current or voltage supply is too high or too low, reducing the risk of equipment failing and improving efficiency.

  • M1 & M2 Meters
    The APM M1 & M2 meters are all-in-one meters that can be configured to measure amps, voltage or frequency, making them an incredibly versatile meter for a wide range of applications. The M1 meters are 12-24Vac/dc powered and the M2 meters are 100-240Vac powered.

  • MAX Meter
    The APM MAX is an all-in-one meter with endless configuration options. The M21 can be configured to measure amps, voltage, frequency or power (Watts, VA, VAr & Power Factor) for high voltage applications. The M23 can be configured as a process meter or a shunt meter for low voltage applications.

  • Power Meter
    A universal power meter for single, split and 3-phase applications. This panel-mounted power meter is designed for use on mains circuits, potential transformers and current transformers. Its multi-measurement capability of active and reactive power makes it ideal for a wide range of power monitoring applications and one of the most flexible power meters for electrical monitoring.

  • Programmable Preset Counter
    The 7922/7932 is a programmable preset counter with prescaler, quadrature input and EEPROM data storage. Housed in an IP65 sealed DIN case, this versatile counter can be configured for quadrature or uni-directional inputs, dual preset or single preset with batch preset. The 7922/7932 display is a supertwist high visibility backlit LCD that can be viewed from any angle. All programming, reset and presetting can be carried out from the counter’s front panel and when powered from an AC supply, there is a 12VDC output to drive a sensor.

  • High Voltage AC & DC Electronic Timers
    The 7511/7511HV timers are compact 8-digit liquid crystal display timers self-powered by an internal battery with a 10-year life and are ideal for panel mounting. Features include four timing modes, timing direction indication and LCD display with 9mm high digits and an optional backlight (external 5VDC supply required). The 7511HV is a high voltage version of the 7511 which accepts input voltages of 5-110Vdc or 10-240Vac.

  • Electromechanical Hours Run Meters
    The 722/732 series hours run meters have a wide voltage operating range and a quartz time base to ensure long-term accurate timekeeping. They are housed in a totally sealed enclosure with an optional mounting gasket. These hours run meters are fully protected from the environment to provide years of reliable service which makes them suitable for industrial control panels and generators as well as medical, office or test equipment.

  • AC & DC Totalizing Counters
    The 3400 Series counters and 3410 Series timers have a wide range AC or DC voltage input and come in five industry standard housings. These counters and timers have a compact depth and a high-visibility polarized lens. They are totally sealed with the optional gasket and offer a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are ideal for applications where high visibility is important including medical devices, generators, control panels, production equipment, marine equipment, lawn mowers and garden tractors.

  • Multifunction Digital Time Relay
    The 795X series DIN rail-mountable digital time relays offer 8 or 18 operating modes, easily configured on the 3 digit LCD display: a wide range of 0.1s – 999hr to suit all applications; a clear indication of the relay status via the front panel LED and can accept a wide range of operating voltages for most installations. The keylock feature means settings cannot be tampered with, for 100% reliable operation. Programming is retained during power shut down, the current timing is lost and will reset when power is restored.

  • Digital Panel Meters
    The DPM951 and DPM952 are compact LCD digital panel mounting meters available in two sizes with an integrated backlight and a 200mV full scale input. These meters are suitable to be powered from either 5Vdc or 9Vdc. They feature a range of annunciators for common engineering units and a low power consumption making them ideal for use in a range of OEM applications.